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SponsorshipDownloadButtonIf you are interested in becoming a sponsor, please download our Sponsorship Packet. Please note that in addition to what we have outlined in the packet, we can work with you to customize a sponsorship program that makes sense for your business.

By becoming a sponsor, you will:
• Get a low cost way to gain international exposure for your brand
• Have the ability to market directly to your target market
• Help USA athletes represent our country in international competitions
• Show your support for women in sports and increase your brand loyalty
• Increase your brand ambassador team by 40 plus members

Did you know?Print
According to the International Dragon Boat Federation, it is currently estimated that over 50 million people in Asia alone and in over 70 countries, world wide, race in dragon boat competitions around the globe. In addition to the 50 million plus in China and South East Asia, there are over 300,000 estimated participants in Europe; 200,000 in North America; around 30,000 in Australasia and Africa with Dragon Boat groups also established in the Caribbean, Central and South America.

On and off the water we work hard and stay strong to the end.
We will apply that same level of commitment to working with you to carry out a sponsorship plan that makes sense for your brand. If you’d like to see us in racing action, please click check out our Gallery section for photos and videos.