Lisa Minerd - President

SDDBT President since 2021

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Karen Jewel - Vice President, Internal Affairs

Executive Board Member since 2008

Member since 2002


An avid whitewater kayaking paddler 30 years ago, Karen switched gears to keep it “closer to home” by joining Hanohano Outrigger Canoe Club in 1994. With Hanohano, she has competed in outrigger races throughout Southern California for 25 years.


As a paddling die hard who wanted to experience other options, Karen was lured by the intensity of dragon boating and eventually joined San Diego Dragon Boat Team in 2002 to pursue the challenges presented by the ancient Chinese tradition. She also became a skilled steersperson of these 20-crew member boats.


Since joining SDDBT, Karen has competed on the Premier Women’s Team at World Championships in Poznan, Poland and Shanghai, China, Senior A in 2007 in Sydney, Australia, and Senior B in Kunming, China in 2017. She has also competed on several Club Crew World Championships with SDDBT.


Karen was most recently a member of the SDDBT Premier and Women’s B teams that both earned berths to compete in the 12th IDBF Club Crew World Championships (CCWC) scheduled for Aix Les Baines, France in August 2020.


She has served on the SDDBT Board of Directors as Assistant Treasurer, Treasurer and currently as Vice President, Internal Affairs since 2009. Karen has also served as an Assistant Coach since 2014.

Dawna Robertson - Vice President, External Affairs

SDDBT Vice President, External Affairs since 2019

Member since 2015


While Dawna was involved with Honolulu’s Outrigger Canoe Club when living in Hawaii for 25 years, it was on club-sponsored tennis teams rather than in a paddling capacity. An avid kayaker on Windward Oahu’s Kaneohe Bay and eventually on San Diego’s Mission Bay, she had limited exposure of the dragon boat realm until a week prior to attending her first SDDBT practice.


Since joining SDDBT, Dawna has competed with the team on local and regional levels. She considers the most challenging and rewarding as participation in the 2019 PDBA Regionals in Vancouver, Washington, where SDDBT’s Women’s B Team earned a berth to compete in the 12th IDBF Club Crew World Championships (CCWC) scheduled for Aix Les Baines, France in August 2020.


Dawna has received SDDBT’s Most Improved Paddler and Ironman Paddler awards. Looking forward, she hopes to continue honing her paddling skills and earning a spot on the SDDBT crew that will compete to earn a berth for 13th IDBF Club Crew World Championships to be held in 2022.

Sylvia Likos - Club Treasurer

SDDBT Treasurer since 2017

Member since 2015


Growing up on a 20-acre ranch below sea level outside of El Centro, California, Sylvia quickly learned that joining sports gave her more time to spend with friends.


After moving to San Diego in 2004, she decided to take her passion for athletics from land to ocean when a co-worker recommended outrigger canoeing. As Sylvia describes it, “Swimming in a canal and ordering water by the inches to irrigate the fields in El Centro is much different than the water I experienced in the ocean.” Knowing that she enjoyed paddling, she found the sport of Dragon Boating.


Since joining SDDBT, Sylvia has enjoyed the opportunity to compete with SDDBT and a variety of teams in local, regional, national and international races that include the 2019 PDBA Regionals in Vancouver, Washington. It was this race where she paddled on the SDDBT Premier Team that earned a berth to compete in the 12th IDBF Club Crew World Championships (CCWC) scheduled for Aix Les Baines, France in August 2020.


Serving as Treasurer since 2017, Sylvia received the 2018 SDDBT Paddler of the Year Award. As for the future, she aspires to continue growing as a paddler and racing as much as possible.

Ernie Rivera - Assistant Club Treasurer

SDDBT Assistant Treasurer since 2020

Member since 2017


Ernie became a dragon boater by default. His wife, Mary, who paddled in Oregon with the Dragons in the Wallowa’s Team, wanted practice with SDDBT to prepare for her team’s racing season.


“We went to a SDDBT Open House. And being the supportive husband that I am, I brought along a lawn chair and a six pack to observe from the shoreline.” When the boat loaded up with one empty seat, a team member said, “Ernie get in the boat.” He did. And the rest is history.


Beyond his paddling prowess that skyrocketed since that first Open House boat experience, Ernie has quickly excelled as a steersman for the team both in practices and competitions.


Ernie has been involved in sports for more than 40 years. He has coached several team and individual sports and has been a baseball umpire up to the college level. He also takes pride in understanding SDDBT’s on-water goals, our coaches’ training/paddling techniques and the team’s competitive racing strategy.


Ernie notes that the SDDBT experience has been rewarding on his side as well. “I am very proud to have become a trusted part of SDDBT and truly enjoy this fiercely competitive group of folks that we call Family.”

Linnea “Nea” Tatupu - Club Secretary

SDDBT Secretary since 2020

Member since 2016


Hailing from Plainville, Massachusetts, Linnea (Nea) comes from an athletic background with her father and brother having NFL resumes. Nea thrived in such sports as track and field (shot put, javelin and discus), softball and basketball. When she moved to San Diego after graduating from King Philip Regional High School in 1999, Nea enrolled at Grossmont College to pursue a degree in Music. She graduated in 2014 with an Associates Degree in Music performance.


Nea was introduced to the sport of Dragon Boat by a former co-worker/teammate after discussing her aspirations of living a healthy lifestyle and returning to a competitive realm. In August 2015, she attended her first Dragon Boat practice and instantly fell in love with the sport. Since then, Nea has taken every opportunity to immerse herself into the sport of paddling. Since joining SDDBT, Nea has competed with SDDBT and a variety of teams in local, regional and national competitions. Among these was the 2019 PDBA Regionals in Vancouver, Washington.


Nea is also an Assistant Coach to the West Coast Gliders, a San Diego youth paddle team that is helmed by SDDBT Head Coach, Red Pedrick.

TBA - Head Coach

The Head Coach who is appointed by the board and is a sitting voting member within the Board of Directors. You can find more information on San Diego Dragon Boat’s Head Coach by clicking here.