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Dragon Boat Race Rules and Regulations
Race Rules for 2019 – 10th Anniversary San Diego International Dragon Boat Race – Paddling Equipment:

1.  U.S. Coast Guard certified PFDs will be required for all race participants. Inflatable PFDs are not allowed.
2.  Seat Pads shall be made of a soft material, such as neoprene, of an approximate thickness of 15mm that will compress easily when squeezed between finger and thumb. 
3.  Foot blocks are allowed.
4.  Individual paddler bibs with numbers are NOT required. 
5.  Paddles must be IDBF certified.
6.  Drumsticks will be provided, and active drumming is required after the first 50 meters of the race. 
7.  Bailers will be provided, though teams may also to use their own sponges or bailers.

8.  Cox boxes and speakers are allowed.  Teams must set up and remove them quickly to avoid delaying the race.
Race officials retain the right to use their judgement on the legality of all paddling related equipment.

Safety and Fairness:

1.  A strong cross breeze is common at the Mission Bay race course, and teams should practice maintaining their position against the wind while waiting for the start of the race. Usually, this is best done by having the upwind side of the boat draw, while the downwind side paddles backward. A team can move its boat forward slightly while better positioning itself in the center of its lane by having just one side draw.

2. Teams must attempt to follow a straight course down the middle of their lanes. If a boat deviates from this path, the personnel on the chase boat  will immediately warn them to steer back on course. If such warnings are ignored, the crew(s) concerned risk disqualification from the race if, in the opinion of he Umpire, the crew has impeded another new or has gained an advantage thereby, which has materially affected the result of the race.  Alternatively, a time penalty of 5 seconds may be awarded.
3.  Per IDBF Rules of Racing, teams are required to maintain 2 meters of open water between the paddle blades of neighboring crews. If a collision occurs (including the clanking of paddles), the race official has the right to disqualify any team that did not actively seek to avoid the collision, even if that team was just holding its course in its own lane.

4.  If a team unintentionally leaves its lane, a penalty of 5 seconds may be awarded if the race results (order of finish) were materially affected. The race may be re-run if the race official determines that this is the most fair and practical course of action. If the steering error was involuntary, and the race results (order of finish) were not materially affected then no penalty will be assessed and the race will not be re-run.

For Clarification: If a team leaves its lane and it appears it may collide with your boat, your crew must attempt to avoid the collision by altering your course or stopping your boat. Failure to do so may result in a disqualification of your team. Taking evasive action may materially affect the race results , and result in a 5 second penalty for a team that has left its lane.


Race Course

Race Site

Team Tents can be set  up to the left and the right of what is illustrated on the map above.


Parking is FREE for all teams at Tecolote Shores North (Mission Bay Park). There are four public parking lots, with parking spaces available along E. Mission Bay Drive.

Additional parking is also available 1/4 mile away at the fenced dirt lot near Fiesta Island (see map at right).

Paddlers staying at the Hilton Resort can leave their vehicles at the hotel and walk over to the race site.


From the North:
Take I-5 Fwy south toward San Diego, exit Clairemont Drive (exit loops around), turn left (west) toward Mission Bay Drive (50 yards), turn left again (south) for 1 mile, parking lots on right, just past Hilton Resort Hotel.

From the East:
Take I-8 Fwy west toward San Diego, exit I-5 north and immediately exit Sea World Drive turn left (west), then at 2nd intersection, turn right on Mission Bay Drive (north) for 500 yards, look for parking near grass areas, race site on left.

From the San Diego Airport: 
Take I-5 Fwy north toward San Diego, exit Sea World Drive & turn left (west), then at 2nd intersection, turn right on Mission Bay Drive (north) for 500 yards, look for parking near grass areas, race site on left.