Message from the Head Coach:

The sport of paddling is one of the most inclusive sports in the world! That is why this is a difficult message for me to send out. Due to the current state of the pandemic, it has been decided to only allow new individuals who are experienced paddlers to come join in on our practices.

The act of executing the paddling stroke is a very complex movement and it requires a lot of hands on and 1 and 1 work from the coach to those who never experienced the sport of paddling. Without proper handling/coaching, someone’s first time paddling can be a very negative/painful experience.  As a coach along with the SDDBT coaching staff that is the last thing we would want anyone to experience. So with a very heavy heart we are not accepting novice paddlers at this time, simply due to the risk it may have on those who would need that careful attention to learning the mechanics of the stroke.

As soon as things change I (head Coach) will be soon removing this message and putting it out there we are open for everyone and anyone! In the meantime however, if you happened to be an experienced paddler, in that you have received instruction on how to execute within a dragon boat team format and have participated in a number of practices/races in the past then by all means you are totally welcomed.

Should you have any questions and wish to reach out to me directly you can email the head coach at :  


How to Join
If you are interested in joining our club and competing on the San Diego Dragon Boat Team, please contact us today.

Practice Site
The SDDBT site is on the beach at Fiesta Island adjacent to the Youth Aquatic Center (1750 Fiesta Island Rd.). The center is the only building with pavedpic_northoblique
parking lot and campground area on the island.