sun03mar8:00 AMsun10:00 AMSunday Practice 3/3/2428 Guests are attending

tue05mar6:00 PMtue7:15 PMTuesday Practice 3/5/242 Guests are attending

sat09mar9:30 AMsat11:00 AMSaturday Practice 3/9/241 Guest is attending

sun10mar8:00 AMsun10:00 AMSunday Practice 3/10/245 Guests are attending

tue12mar6:00 PMtue7:15 PMTuesday Practice 3/12/241 Guest is attending

sat16mar9:30 AMsat11:00 AMSaturday Practice 3/16/242 Guests are attending

sun17mar8:00 AMsun10:00 AMSunday Practice 3/17/24 - Tempe Race Prep2 Guests are attending

tue19mar6:00 PMtue7:15 PMTuesday Practice 3/19/242 Guests are attending

sat23mar9:30 AMsat11:00 AMSaturday Practice 3/23/24 - NO PRACTICE (Tempe!)We're racing in Tempe!

sun24mar8:00 AMsun10:00 AMSunday Practice 3/24/24 - NO PRACTICE (Tempe!)We're racing! No practice!

tue26mar6:00 PMtue7:15 PMTuesday Practice 3/26/24Be the first to RSVP

sat30mar9:30 AMsat11:00 AMSaturday Practice 3/30/24Be the first to RSVP

sun31mar8:00 AMsun10:00 AMSunday Practice 3/31/24Be the first to RSVP


tue02apr6:00 PMtue7:15 PMTuesday Practice 4/2/24Be the first to RSVP

sat06apr9:30 AMsat11:00 AMSaturday Practice 4/6/24Be the first to RSVP

sun07apr8:00 AMsun10:00 AMSunday Practice 4/7/24Be the first to RSVP

sat13apr9:30 AMsat11:00 AMSaturday Practice 4/13/24Be the first to RSVP

sun14apr8:00 AMsun10:00 AMSunday Practice 4/14/24Be the first to RSVP

tue16apr6:00 PMtue7:15 PMTuesday Practice 4/16/24Be the first to RSVP

sat20apr9:30 AMsat11:00 AMSaturday Practice 4/20/24Be the first to RSVP

sun21apr8:00 AMsun10:00 AMSunday Practice 4/21/24Be the first to RSVP

tue23apr6:00 PMtue7:15 PMTuesday Practice 4/23/24Be the first to RSVP

sat27apr9:30 AMsat11:00 AMSaturday Practice 4/27/24Be the first to RSVP

sun28apr8:00 AMsun10:00 AMSunday Practice 4/28/24Be the first to RSVP

tue30apr6:00 PMtue7:15 PMTuesday Practice 4/30/24Be the first to RSVP

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